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At New Era Dental Arts our team may be fairly small, but it’s highly effective, and our ability to work in tandem in a timely and effectual manner is a big part of what defines us as a company.

Creating an effective dental restoration is all about two things: precision and detail. Precision is extremely important, because the items we create are made to endure for a very long time. Detail is important because these items are for individuals, each one of them with a unique set of needs.

Customer satisfaction really is the name of the game at New Era. We aren’t done until you and your client are completely satisfied. Here at New Era Dental Arts we’re ready and waiting to assist you. We know you will be happy with our work. Please give us a chance to prove it. Contact us today to learn more about our lab.

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3924 Sylvan Lakes Blvd., Sylvania, Ohio 43560

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Meet Jeff Wayton

Jeff Wayton graduated from Ohio State University as a Bachelor of Science. He then continued his education, becoming a certified dental technician, studying at the Institute of Oral Art and Design with a specific focus in the Cerec InLab, and putting in more than 39 years of experience in his field. For 12 of those years, he owned and operated his own lab and found a good degree of success.