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Here at New Era Dental Arts we work every day to ensure that our products, tools and materials are the finest, most up-to-date items on the market today. We take great pride in our ever-growing collection of crowns, bridges, lumineers, veneers and orthopedic and restorative items. Available in a wide range of prices, looks and purposes, our products are immaculate, as is the level of care we use in applying them. Here are a few of the products we offer at New Era Dental:

Crowns: If your tooth has been damaged or you’re just not happy with its appearance, a dental crown is nothing less than a fantastic option. Covering, or capping, the tooth in question, crowns protect your teeth from further damage while simultaneously improving their appearance. If your teeth are out of alignment, are of an odd shape or have been discolored, those being simply a few examples from a host of potential problems, crowns can help. Generally either made of porcelain or ceramic, sometimes with a metal shell beneath, dental crowns can and will be tailored to your exact mouth. Choosing the right color and material can allow them to blend in entirely with the rest of your teeth.

Bridges: If you’re missing a tooth or two, you should know that your condition can lead to a whole host of unexpected problems. Having extra space in your mouth can lead to shifting, changing the entire makeup of your smile and leading to alignment and bite issues. Leaving your gums completely exposed can also lead to the spread of gum disease. Fortunately, bridges can be used to eliminate these issues, replacing your missing teeth with artificial ones called pontics and rooting them in place to ensure that they won’t go the way of your original teeth.

Veneers: If the surface of your tooth has been damaged or weathered, a veneer might be the solution you’re looking for. However, though they have a definite medical application, veneers are often applied to people who simply aren’t happy with one of their teeth. A thin layer of composite or porcelain laid on top of the tooth, veneers are fantastic tools for correcting minor aesthetic issues. For some, a full smile makeover is necessary, but others are generally happy with the look of their mouth except for one problematic tooth. If you can relate to this problem, chances a veneer could be an excellent solution. Also consider purchasing a lumineer, a thinner variety of veneer which some prefer.

These are just a few of the many excellent products available at New Era Dental. We also carry temporary crows, retainer, nightguards, sportsguards and many other products. Whatever you dental needs might be, chances are we can match them, so give us a call. We’ll immediately begin applying our knowledge and experience to your specific case, helping you to find the perfect product to cure your specific ailment. At New Era Dental Arts we care about nothing more than providing you with real, comprehensive aid. We hope you’ll give us the opportunity.

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